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How is the natural vietnam hair ?

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 Vietnam is the good place really , Located in the eastern of the Indo-China Peninsula,bordering in the north of china , near Laos and Cambodia,the east and south of vietnam facing the South China Sea,Vietnam is the one of Association of Southeast Asian Nations members.

Popuation: 91,519,289 (2012 data)

the per capital GDP:1,498U.S dollars(2011 data) international exchange rates.

land area: 331,210 square kilometers

It is easy to think it ! because labor costs are low relatively ,many overseas factories to enter its .

In our impression, the vietnamese girl always wearing the long dress with long hair , and wearing the long cap walking in the street , yes , vietnam indeed is a good place to collect natural vietnam hair , in recent years , being no exception, a lot of beauty hair products manufacturers start to make the business vision into vietnam , the reason which is they can get more profit by natural vietnam hair , most of businessmen pay attention to the benefit , some of them arrange the staff stay in vietnam to collect vietnam hair all the times. some of them go to the vietnam after a few months once they finish the vietnam hair inventory , and some of them will buy from vietnam hair agent to purchase , because of the capital constrain , but the fact is that the vietnamese summer will be hot , of course , the customers is the final goal of lace wigs or hair extensions manufacturers .

If you ask the different of vietnamese hair , maybe the most prominent point should be that the hair is relatively little harder than Middle East hair and European hair , the hair belonging to Asia hair , the universal item is single drawn Non remy vietnam hair and remy vietnam hair , but in fact , compared with those natural hair material , the best one is virgin vietnam hair ? 

Do you also dout why hair extension company be inclined to vietnam hair these year ? because vietnam hair is cheaper than other hair material . how you distinguish from another material when you extensions with natural hair ? actually , it is difficult for the new one , the best way which is touch it , and  contrast with another hair . if you have different natural human hair material in hand . 


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