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Which country will product hair extension and wigs , man toupee mainly ?

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When we are not familiar with hair extensions business field ,maybe we often think the coutry of  origin, has hair extensions manufacturer in USA ? hair extenions company in Europ ? or in india ? or brazilian ?

Actually about the wigs , In Asia , Chinese wear wigs long time ago.has long history ,but  in the past few years, Japan and South Korea are the bigger producing countries , but constrained by the prices of raw materials and local labor costs increase, wigs production shrinking day by day .

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as china's large population , worker resources and labor cost advantages of human hair extensions , hair extensions companies in japan ,Korea through wholly-owned , joint venture and other ways to set up their hair extensions production bases in china  . the city included shenzhen ,qingdao,tianjin and other places , began to transform into a wigs maker in china , another part of the enterprise turned to the production of synthetic hair extensions .become the current regional pattern of production , however , it is not the foreign-funded enterprises invested to let hair extensions business be stronger in the world , the poeple are not familiar with the wigs market that time , lauching the productions of wigs boom stems from xuchang city , henan province .they know how to products wigs ,even a small family . they will tell you that they are factory for hair extensions . but sometimes it is easy to have bad quality ,if more familiar a produce . the majority of people for money ,they will think the idea the save the cost , so the quality be bad . no value of money .

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now if you talk about the best quality of wholsale hair extension , most of people would consider QingDao city,ShanDong province , and GuangDong province , it seems that the city name means stable quality in china ,especially ShanDong province where are the human hair man toupee ,wigs , hair extensions quality is very good .

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QingDao have good geographical environment , surrounded by the sea on three sides , plus the famous QingDao beer , attacted many oversea friends come to travel . this is why also contributed to the rapid development of QingDao wigs industry . you can see a lot of professional wigs store in QingDao .