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What is the lace wigs (french lace and swiss lace )?

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what is the wigs lace ? and what is the different for french lace and swiss lace?  wig lace, it means the hair be hooked  on the lace net , the net is very thin , they are uniform distribution on very wee mesh.the common lace wigs is made by swiss lace net and french lace net , generally,in order to suit for all different headform,china wigs manufacturer would like to have elasticated net at the top of wigs .even the wig lace shop in europ ,wigs in USA , or in brazil .and all of ladies lace wigs made by real human hair material .

Bt full lace wigs or lace front  wigs is made of transparent lace ,all manufacturing operation by handmade , all the bottom of full alce wig are lace .and the front lace wig is just has transparent lace in the obvious hairline . the remaining part to use excellent material , it is not easy to do damage . but in comparison with lace material , lace cap will be ability to bear the tearing , lace wigs is the most expensive wigs .

do you know how to wear best lace wigs ? at first , best lace wigs need to use glue stick on the human scalp . therefore , maybe you need to purchase the wigs adhesive or lace wigs glue,and all wigs can be modest everlastingly when you wear it , for example ,you can bathing , swimming  with your beautiful wigs . also you can take part in extreme sports .

for wigs lace structure, it has two kinds of lace wigs mainly, lace full and lace front  .

all lace wigs size

for the lace material , mainly french lace wig and swiss lace hair . swiss lace net will be wee and weak , refer to french lace , it will be more better to inosculate with the skin . it looks natural seems like yours . we suggest our hair wigs clients order the lace french , the reason which is , it will be easy to wear it , and don't afraid to damage lace , french is will be more stable. if you are the new clients ,lacking the experience about the hair wigs , for avoiding your accidental ,  you can choose french lace , and the french lace verge on the skin . with more experience . you can select swiss lace . the both of laces can apply to different base cap lace color

how to start a wigs business ? it is the basic point which you need to know about the lace hair knowledge!

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