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popular hair extensions basic knowledge , file extension hair (one )

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(can i make extension hair by myself ? how to make ?)

extending the hair that  must  be done by a technical hair stylist . hair material  has two kinds of quality , natural real human hair and fiber hair  filament material , you can select as your preference, for the human being hair can be marceled by hair iron,also it can do hair dyeing and nutritional care . natural hair is easy to comb . even though chemical synthetic filament colorful ,but hard to comb fiber silk hair . for the purpost of hair color to coordination.the hair wax  of cementation must base upon everybody's hair coloration when connect into the periwigs with natural hair root .the hackneyed hair coloration : natural black hair , erogenous purple hair , vivid red hair , and yellow dazzling hair .

---(if i go to fashion hair salon , how much will the cost?)

In case you wish hair from short to long or be more thicken from the thin , select and put to usehuman hair , if you make in fashion local  hair salon ,probability it will cost  $161 to $600 approximately according to extend thehair length . in the event that you just want to extend several pieces of colorful fantasy hair optional to change your mood . possibility the cost about  $65 , if you chose fiber ,the price will be a little lower .

---(who will help me to take off hair extension ? which is the important thing i need to care when i shampoo my hair ? )

if you are tired of the hair wigs or colorful hair extension , the hair salon stylist will use extra professional hair liquid medicine to take off them ,  in case you use alkalescence hair shampoo frequent , the connection hair will slip off from your head unartificial .

--(which popular hair extension is new hair method ? and how long hair can keep in the head ? )

the basic connect  ways :adhesive hair  ,fastening hair , weaving hair . these three hair methods has their own strengths , of which weave hair technology is relatively new ,and more close to natural , basically every method can keep three to six months .

---(tracks hair business , which hair  item is the most popular in hair business field ? what is fusion hair and weft hair ? and how to lift down hair . )

modern hair salons have two prevalentextending hair ways:bonding hair and buttons hair .

refer to the adhesive extension hair , it was separated into a small strand of hair .10  to 20 pcs of hair for each strand , and then using keratin mucilage glue to put in the small thread hair root , taking the same quantity of the real hair to connect into the hair root with your own hair rapid , the hair distance is about 1cm . after than the hair adhesive will be solidified rapidly , such a wisp of hair connected . if it has no use for your hair in the future , just go to the salon and let hairdressers heated tomelt the glue hair , or wipe with a special washing junction , it will be lifted down one by one .

(how to wear loop hair ? )

micro loop/button hair is divided into small wisp also , access with a special clasp fixed connection in the hair root . the top of hair will drawn naturally and cover the small hair loop , there are advantage for such hair extensions way , you can easily to remove micro hair and long hair extension when you don't need it .

the step of light weight hair extension

it will be took about  3 hours to extend hair extension .

1: at first , make the own hair divide into v shaped , choosinga few hair according to  designed hair style .gluing the hair starting  from the side of hair , pls notice , cutting hair extension uniform before glue it .

3:pruning hair according to the hair style after full head hair be connected .

4:all the hair can ironed ,dyed and Nutrition Care after 2hours .


(how to take care my hair extension ?)

connected hair can be maintained in the proper care about three months , but you take care hair as follows :

1:the comb must be round-row , the spacing is wide ,combing don't use excessive force , otherwise it will lead to hair loss or fall

2:Shampoo and hair conditioner must be acidic

3:Do not exposure under the sun for too long.

4:air hairdryer do not leave too close to the hair root

5:Do not force grab the shampoo the rubbing hair at the root.



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author : May Yang , phone number: 18954231281