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which sealer is the top remy weft hair extension brands ?

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the following topic only for who want to look for the super top weft or hair extension factory .

As a hair extension trade company , whatever your company located in U.S.A , Sweden,UK,Thailand , South Africa , Indian ..... whatever you are black race , white race , yellow race , cooperated with a good supplier which is the one of important thing in the hair business , so how to differentiate which weft brands sealer is the top super ones ? who is the honest ones ? how can you know whether they are hair factory ?

top hair weft extension brands brands weft hair extension

let's expose several points of top and professional weft sealer  as follows :

1: A good and professional hair extensions manufacturer ,their website do not show too much different types of products , Generally speaking,if one website show food products , handicraft and any shose . how do you think ? it looks like a online store .

2: a whole factory website don't show private mobile telephone number as the factory contact way ,factory worker and place picture .

3:stable quality every order , every hair weft professional factory will have their hair standard , and quality grade . no any reason that make different quality as the price is same every time

4: if you are looking for the brazilian ,Peru weft sealer in china , most of the brazilian remy or virgin hair is  copied  by another hair material .

hair factory in china   weft machine

machine weft for black people    piano color weft hair sealer

if you have more suggestion .pls tell us . so that we add inside . thanks .


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